The Reasons You Must Know About Best Neurology Hospital

A new trend is emerging from the Healthcare Industry that has many visitors and patients grinning. Faced with enhancing their patient satisfaction levels, many hospitals are adapting a resort style version of hospitality, together with related amenities like valet parking, greeters, courtesy shuttles, and concierge services. While you would normally only expect to locate such luxuries in the nicer resorts in the world, they are currently being delivered daily at a growing number of hospitals throughout the nation. The need is so great that many businesses have selected to meet with the fast growing market by specializing in hospitality kind services particularly for the medical care industry.

Not only do the services Provide added convenience for visitors and patients, but they could also fix an assortment of challenges associated with new building and state mandated seismic upgrade projects which many hospitals are coping with. If you are still not convinced, Here are a few other reasons why it may pay to incorporate a couple of healthcare hospitality solutions…

Scoring Higher on Patient Surveys

Surveys have shown that Hospital facilities that deliver extra amenities like valet parking, patient concierge service and other hospitality related services score higher on patient satisfaction surveys like HCAHPS Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems, a national, standardized survey of hospital patients. Patients that receive stress-relieving services like valet parking and concierge are more inclined to offer positive overall ratings to the best neurology hospital in bangalore, and are more inclined to recommend the hospital to friends and loved ones.

A Patient Safety Culture

In 2004, the Health Care Leadership Alliance, including the Indian Association of Nurse Executives and other healthcare executives, identified a core set of competencies for executive leaders in medical care. Within the context of their core competencies, seven imperatives were identified to create a patient safety culture and a model of proactive safety was designed which infers that everybody’s job is patient safety, in most medical care system trades; this security mission requires the whole medical care team and should include everyone from the doctor to the valet parking attendant. The valet and concierge services can play a very important role in the patient safety process and hospitals with no services might be missing an important element for their culture of security initiative.

Drawing Privately Insured Patients

The AP/San Francisco Chronicle Recently analyzed the new trend of hospitals providing extra incentives to lure in patients covered by private insurance, which pays greater reimbursement than government programs like Medicare or Medicaid. According to the AP/Chronicle, hospitals are finding it pays to pump up perks for people, such as cooking classes, individual concierges, internet access and valet parking. Hospital leaders say those additional touches all have a goal, including anxiety relief