IT contract staffing Singapore

Reasons why the tech industry is hiring contract staffing

From startups to large organizations, it is evaluated that in the next 10 years, almost half of the global workforce would comprise of freelancers and contractors. IT contract staffing Singapore helps in filling up positions for the tech companies who prefer a contractual or temporary workforce over full-time or permanent employees.

 Reasons behind the growing preference for contract staffing

  • Supply is lesser than demand

Fundamentally, the current scenario tells us that the demand for tech developers has surpassed the supply of quality techies with a wide gap. Due to this reason, start-ups and middle-scale enterprises find it hard to get hold of a viable talent. For larger companies, the scenario is different as they can always offer higher salaries to the right candidate.

  • Apt for flexibility and freedom

Some techies see the temporary position as a scope of creative freedom and better work-life balance. In some cases, freelancers do earn more money compared to permanent employees. Also, job-hopping is the new culture of the era. It is seen as a period of stagnancy if one holds onto a company for a longer period.

  • A mode to ‘test’ the job aspects

Some tech professionals use the temporary or contractual method to evaluate the role and decide whether to stay or not. Before committing to a full-time position, it has become a common practice to step onto contractual positions to ‘test’ the waters.

  • Rethinking of job roles due to the current pandemic situation

Both the professionals and companies are looking for contractual or contract to hire positions post-pandemic. In a desperate bid to save cash, some companies have even slashed out the entire 401k contribution plans and opted for temporary staffing.