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Nostalgia To Know About Singapore Photobooth

In the era of selfies and candid, it is like nostalgia to know something about photo booth. Photo booth firstly automated in 1888 by William pope and Edward Poole. After money was introduced in photo booth system people discovers various positions and discovered number of pose. Once the picture is captured then customer can customize them and place them as a stamp or make frame of them. Later brightness, beauty, saturation type’s filters is introduced and it took a sudden boom in the market.

Evolution and Current Market

From 50s to 80s the photo booth is boomed in every market and it is the only place to take passport size for document process or Rail card photo. Due to large expansion it is affordable and cheap. There are more various filters which is like a mystery and have various shops for that special filters. In the current market photo booth is totally extinct, it is only found in museums and old places which are non-functional. Current market is dominated by the smart phones and movable cameras with high definition lenses

Another important piece of equipment is a printer. Many photo booths now use dye-sublimation printers which print images onto thin sheets of plastic. These prints are then cut into small strips or 2″x6″ photos which can be placed in wallets or photo albums.


Photos are always important, it is most cheap and affordable thing to capture and memorize the same moment in the life. Filters and lenses make the experience great day by day. It is effective way always to remember someone. We have multi-level of HD cameras from those black and white photos; show the craze of singapore photobooth of that decade.