cabinet locks

The Top Six Applications For Cabinet Locks

A cabinet lock has an attached arm that rotates to prevent theft or illegal use of the contents of filing cabinets, workstations, display cases, and vending machines, these locks protect access. Using a key, you can unlock a cabinet lock. Keyless cabinet locks rely on combinations, slots, and handles to open or shut.

Furniture made of metal

Cabinet locks are a popular choice when it comes to metal furniture, such as desks, file cabinets, and drawers designed to withstand the rigors of daily usage, cabinet locks are a popular choice. May customize metal office furniture locks from Lowe & Fletcher to meet the needs of any application.

A wooden table and chairs

Wooden furniture producers are continuously looking for high-quality locks at a reasonable price. In addition to being functional, cabinet locks from the Lowe & Fletcher collection make timber furniture beautiful and secure.

Boxes for mail

Mailboxes need water-resistant locks with modern security locking mechanisms like other outside applications. Using cabinet locks, you may keep your private correspondence safe and secure for a long time.


Lock security is a top priority at Lowe & Fletcher, and lockers are no exception. Gyms, hospitals, retail malls, corporate and industrial facilities, and others store personal things safely and securely using cabinet locks installed on lockers.

Doors and windows

When it comes to residential window handles and garage doors, the Lowe & Fletchers line of key-driven water-resistant cabinet locks is often utilized by home builders since it offers both security and convenience.

Medical-related office equipment

We have only designated staff members to need keys to secure storage facilities for private and secret papers and medications. Many of our cabinet locks products are in these kinds of establishments worldwide.