The Nature of Feng Shui Consultation – Security First

Simply put, Feng Shui Is the ancient Chinese art and science that tries to create, or restore, balance and harmony within our living and work surroundings to be able to create, or revive, health, stability, and happiness in us.

Feng Shui, founded Over 3,500 years back, was initially based on the Taoist vision of character; especially, upon the notion that the Earth is alive and full of vibrant, moving chi or energy. Chi intertwines and connects all life, thus, the way chi flows through our environment directly influences how chi flows through us-for better or for worse.

The literal Translation of Feng Shui is Wind and Water. All these are basic life-force energies which create and fuel every part of our lives. Wind is regarded as the planet is breath; water is viewed as the lifeblood of all that is living upon our planet.

feng shui consultation seeks to Find equilibrium with the endless flow and movement of chi, which flows in the kind of Yin and Yang and the five elements: Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, and Water. If these different energies are in harmony around us, and inside us, then we are in harmony with ourselves and with our environment.

At the foundation of Feng Shui is the belief that we are energetically linked to everything in our physical environment, and that our environment will always reflect where we are energetically, either consciously or unconsciously.


Feng Shui incorporates Interior and exterior design elements. All this is carefully choreographed as a way to optimize human potential and well-being.

The specific aim of The tradition of Feng Shui is to free up blockages of energy to be able to create harmony and bring balance between all complementary opposite forces – particularly those of the inner and external worlds.

Feng Shui – Our Nature in Balance

Although we may no Longer acknowledge it, we are still deeply linked to 100,000 generations of ancestors that lived in the natural world. Nature is built into the genetic fabric of our lives.

The growth and Growth of the human body has been conditioned and shaped by the constantly moving and living forces of nature. Within our heart there is still a deep longing to be in balance and harmony with the world around, and within, us. Fundamentally, we have an Innate need to be encouraged by, and in equilibrium with, the natural world. For thousands and thousands of years our everyday lives depended upon a continuing, and profoundly respectful, link with the ebb-and-flow of character.