Puninar Logistics- A Company for Logistic Services

About Puninar Logistics

A company provides various logistic services in Indonesia. It is a world-class company that leads in giving solutions and provide logistic service through its operating subsidiaries. The Puninar Logistics integrated logistics services fulfil the expectations of the customer’s supply chain and needs. The company comprises various services like Manufacturing material management, Warehousing, Customs, Freight forwarding, Inbound logistics with delivery services. The company is continuously trying to reach the global level by increasing efficiency and emerging more ideas and solutions to various problems.

Amazing Service

Cargo Logistic Services

The service offered by the company works for the development and hep of the customers precisely. It offers a well-developed supply chain management system to build the relations of manufacturers and retailers. The company’s strategic alliances allow combining expertise, systems, and networks with the service to improve the movement of the goods. Also, it maintains the storage of goods in various regions. puninar logistics efficiently trying to extends its reach at the global level by increasing efficiency and features. The company has already made partnerships with other companies to enhance the dignity and improvement of the services.

Partnerships with Branded Companies

Kerry logistic Network is a company that has expertise in leading logistic service providers in Asia and has a big name in the services. It has the largest distribution network and hubs in China and other Asian regions. The main lead is Integrated Logistics and International freight forwarding that itself holds a big name. It is in common knowledge that the factor of price for the expedition is always number one.